The Beginning

Welcome to my new website. I am so glad you could join me. This site is to inform others about my photography and I. So let me tell you a bit about me.

Ever since I was little I loved to take pictures. I would go out with my little disposable cameras and take pictures of anything and everything! If it moved I snapped a picture, if it stayed still I snapped a picture, if I could see it then I would snap a picture. Growing up I started to upgrade cameras. I went from disposable, to see through cameras, from see through, to Polaroid, from Polaroid to Nikon, and finally Nikon to a camera I had saved up for. A Cannon Rebel G film camera. I loved it, we bonded me and that camera. It was the camera that I finally felt like I was a true …. amateur photographer lol. It was the first time my pictures were coming out to be what I would like them to be like. Through the years of being with my buddy we did great pictures, however my camera was afraid of the dark and so those pictures, no matter how hard I tried, did not come out to be the best. But outdoor lighting my camera loved and gave me wonderful times and pictures. My Cannon G has since retired and will come out every now and then just for old time sake, but it has handed down it’s position to my newest camera. A cannon T3i. My T3i and I are still getting to know each other. While I am still learning how to work with digital photography I have to say we have clicked very well. I am not the greatest photographer out there, and there are many photographers I inspire to be like. However, I love photography! It is a passion a joy and a love that I can share to others. I have done weddings, family pictures, portraits, pet photography. landscaping, can do retail pictures and more. I look forward to sharing my photography with you.

All of the pictures and the content of this site is copyright and protected by Keyria Lockheart. I ask that you do not copy, steal or use any of the content and pictures without my consent. If you are interested in using a picture that I have taken for something contact me through email and we can talk. Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.

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